American Idol 2022 : Kenedi Anderson Drop Out

Kenedi Anderson Drop Out

American Idol 2022 Contestant Kenedi Anderson Comes Out of the “Personal Reasons” Contest

 Why did kenedi anderson drop out

Platinum ticket winner Kenedi Anderson, 18, is out for the 20th season of American Idol.

The winner was one of three contestants who won a platinum ticket that immediately followed them at Hollywood Week.

Kenedi Anderson posted a message on Instagram

kenedi anderson withdraws 

Having recorded the games in Hawaii before, Kenedi decided to withdraw from our program for personal reasons.

Kenedi Anderson Drop Out

Anderson's departure one of the remaining 11 artists on Monday will be cut short to finish in the top 20.

kenedi anderson withdraws from american idol

Kenedi Anderson left the race after the 24th Round.

Kenedi Anderson Drop Out

Just last year, another winner, Wyatt Pike, came out on top after the Top 16 round