Deshaun Watson Biography in 2022 Family Girlfriend

Deshaun Watson Life Overview

Deshaun Watson is a quarterback who plays for the NFL team Houston Texans.

Deshaun Watson’s Born

Watson was born on September 14, 1995, in Gainseville, Georgia. Watson broke many state records when he played football for Gainseville High School.

Deshaun Watson Family

His father was absent since he was a child and does not keep in contact with him. His mother's name is Deann Watson and he has four siblings. 

Deshaun Watson Physical Stats

Deshaun Watson is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and a fit sportsperson. He weighed nearly 215 lbs (95 kgs). His eye color is black, and he has black hair.

Deshaun Watson NFL Records

Highest career completion percentage: 67.8%
First rookie to produce 5+ touchdowns in consecutive games
Most completions with a perfect passer rating: 2

Deshaun Watson Girlfriend

Deshaun Watson is currently in a relationship with singer, model and social media influencer Jilly Anais

Deshaun Watson Net Worth

Watson’s net worth is estimated to be around $24 million . In 2020 he signed a four-year extension worth $156 million which came with a $27 million signing bonus.

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